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“But instead, we become this. The only thing I think we have left, Dean and me, is each other.”
—Castiel, “The End” (production draft only)


July 2nd: Read about a new topic and explore on it. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic) and educate your readers on it.
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July Ist's prompt was 'the story of your life in 250 words or less', and more information about the challenge can be found here.
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Bit of advice: skip Asylum of the Daleks if you haven't seen it, you'll be much happier this way.
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So I saw Spiderman, which was awesome and somewhat depressing because Tobey Maguire as Spiderman was a huge part of my childhood. But honestly, Andrew Garfield was pretty good. Incredibly spastic and awkward, but good. And Gwen Stacey...oh man. She was amazing.

But the best thing about the movie was actually the previews beforehand:

- New Bourne movie (with Jeremy Renner as the main guy, how awesome is that?)
- The Great Gatsby which looked like it is going to be fantastic - although seeing Tobey Maguire right before watching the movie was a little weird .
- The Hobbit! Admittedly it was all stuff I've seen before, but still...it makes me happy to see Martin Freeman on a big screen.

Only thing that could've made it better would've been some snippet of Catching Fire, but that's probably nowhere near preview readiness now...


99 Problems - SPN Fic

Title: 99 Problems
Summary: Dean's got 99 problems and a naked Castiel covered in bees, sitting on the hood of his car, is one.
Word Count: 316
Warning: I fail to make fluff, instead have a bite of episode related angst.

Broke out of my writers block and managed to make a drabble sized thing.

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High Times - Original Fic

So, it's been quite a while...
True to form, I have started writing again now that's finals week. Also true to form, it's not fanfiction, which I kind've wanted it to be, but really depressing, probably rubbish, original stuff. So here ya go.

Title: High Times
Word Count: About 450.
Summary: One brother is in a coma, and the other is not.

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So I saw Avengers, in an IMAX theater. Which is like a normal theater, with better sound.

It was incredibly awesome. I just have a lot of love for Joss Whedon's stuff, and he did not disappoint.

Best parts included
- Loki
- More Loki
- All of the Avengers
- The fact that Natasha was an actual character, not just eye candy.
- Mewling quim
- The whole movie.

I have one main problem, which would be 'bow use in close combat' (just imagine that in a really disappointed tone, because seriously dude,). And there wasn't quite enough Hawkeye. And I will dearly miss the fluffy fandom land that existed before the movie.

Wait, one more thing: What was up with the hardcore het shipping? Excepting Thor and Loki, which was...weird.

Anyways, it was good, and I'm happy.

It's late,

 and I've just finished re-reading Part One of 'A Monster By Any Other Name'. Oh my heart.

There is just so much in that story that is completely and utterly fucked up. I've been watching Schindler's List, and of course there are the inevitable comparisons between Freak Camp and the Nazi death camps, but it goes even deeper than that. It's not about the place, it's about what happens to the people in those places. What they have to do to survive.

In Sam's case, that's so far beyond anything that I can imagine doing, and yet not. Sam survives because he doesn't want to be the one to break Dean's promise of getting him out. He isn't living for that, he doesn't think Dean will come and get him, but he just doesn't want to break that promise.

That's literally the only way I could ever make it through something like that. I've spent time living for somebody else, gone to that point where I just don't care about me anymore, and it's not pleasant. When I look back on it, it's a terrible thing.

I'm not sure if I meant for this to have a point. All I can say is, if the only reason you're around is because you don't want to disappoint someone, then that's not living. I know.

Chicken Soup for the SPN Soul

I told myself I was going to bed...and then I wrote up a fluffy fic rec post because I'm still sad about the episode. So here it is.

Especially good for those of you wondering if Cas is two steps away from downing methamphetamines like jelly beans.

The Curious Case of Wee Baby Cas Things

Chocolate Gash Tortoise

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